Harrogate Feminists

Last meeting

We really liked our new venue! It was quiet enough to talk easily (but not deserted), it had comfy chairs, and best of all they do hot food – very important for those of us coming straight from work!

Mostly we discussed how best to put our views to the council Licensing Committee for their SEV consultation. We carefully reviewed the council’s proposed (draft) SEV licensing policy; while their draft policy would clearly be a vast improvement on the current arrangements, we identified several ways in which it could be improved still further. Ideally, from our point of view, the maximum number of SEVs should be zero. But failing that, the licencing conditions should be much stricter.

Just when we were becoming dispirited about the extent to which the sex industry has pervaded everyday life, and wondering what just a few people could do to change things, Laura reminded us that sometimes, even just asking the right question at the right time might make a real difference. She gave the example of the time when she was talking on the phone to the helpful man from the Licensing Committee. She asked him whether an Equality Impact Assessment had been done as is required by law, and there was a significant pause…

Hopefully they’ve done one now!

Our next meeting will be on a Monday – date tbc.