Harrogate Feminists

Incidence and prevalence of verbal and physical harassment

Amongst the females, 37/52 said they had not experienced verbal harassment in the last year, and 15/52 had been harassed 1-3 times. This gives an incidence rate (range) of 0.3-0.9 incidents/women/year in our survey. Regarding physical harassment, 46/49 women had not been physically harassed in the past year, 2/49 had been harassed 1-3 times and 1/49 4 or more times, giving an incidence rate of at least 0.1 incidents/women/year.  There were not sufficient data for men to calculate incidence data.  These incidence data relate only to the respondent’s local town/city and does not include incidents in other towns/cities.

Prevalence (ever having been verbally harassed) was 32/52 women (62%) for verbal harassment and 16/52 women (31%) for physical harassment. For comparison, the prevalence figures for men were 46% and 15% respectively (but note the small sample size).


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