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Something that made us go “GRRRRRRR!”
July 27, 2011, 10:03 am
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One of our group members writes:

I know it’s about videogames and not many women are interested, but videogames are close to my heart and they are becoming more inclusive of women. So when I read this I was pretty pissed off!

Apparently, the solution to tension caused by “immature, misogynistic” men, even when they are acknowledged as such, is to simply exclude women from the event.

Hmmmmm. Where have we heard that one before, I wonder?


July 17, 2011, 2:07 pm
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Still I Rise, by Maya Angelou

More on lap-dancing

Some people at the last meeting asked for some more information about lap-dancing, so here’s some facts about it.

And here’s the page for OBJECT’s campaign.

B(l)og humour
July 11, 2011, 11:42 pm
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Further to our discussions on humour: this is an entertaining blog post, or should we say bog post…

Actually, it’s well worth browsing through some of the other articles on that site – there’s some interesting content there, much of it relating to gender issues.

A well-attended meeting!

We had another meeting at Community House tonight. It is such a great venue.

We had loads of great discussion. I can’t remember everything we talked about. But some things that stuck in my mind long enough to dig out the relevant links:

1. An anecdote of a talented teenager who could have what it takes to be a stand-up comedian but wouldn’t on the grounds that “women aren’t funny”. Why is it still acceptable to say “women aren’t funny” / “women aren’t witty” / “women can’t be stand-up comics”? It’s wrong, anyway – we could all think of women comics we like.

But there is something in it, in a way: women laugh more at men’s jokes than vice versa. There is a “laughter reinforcing social hierarchies” theory discussed further in this Google Book.

2. Apparently one in ten men pays for sex. Why? We also talked about Eaves, and coincidentally it turns out Eaves has produced a report on this very question. Happy reading…

And the next meeting: Monday 12th September 7.30pm Community House – is this OK for most people?

Because in August it’s the UK Feminista Summer School: should be lots of fun!

Flyer for the UK Feminista Summer School 2011